Interested in which home design trends have the most significant impact and staying power?

Here’s a list from an article by Melissa Tracey (based on a study with architects) published on on March 28, 2016.

1. Smart Homes….. like cell phones, this is being utilized more each year.
2. Healthier Homes….fumes from your carpet/paint?
3. Disaster-proof……safe rooms anyone?
4. Energy efficient….a growing demand across the board.
5. Age-in-place… we can delay nursing home needs
6. Kitchens…..seems it will always be the focal point.
7. Outdoor Living spaces….living rooms outside?
8. Office at Home…..almost a necessity now.
9. Smaller but better design.
10. Urban influence….younger adults want to be near the action but want the urban lifestyle….

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