There is an excellent local magazine, Lake, that is so well done and all about our beautiful Lake Martin.  You can subscribe to it (you will want to save the hard copy) or read it online,  The content is always useful and interesting and the photography is outstanding.  We at Lake Martin have so much available that contributes to our quality of life and enjoyment.  Not the least of which is building memories.  Memories that last forever and get better every time you tell about them. 

Lake Martin was started in 1923 and completed in 1926.  Originally it was called Cherokee Bluffs but in 1936 it was renamed Lake Martin after the president at that time of the Alabama Power Company.  Statistics on the physical characteristics differ at various sites.  One place says it has 880 miles of shoreline and another site says 750.  The surface area is quoted to be 41,150 acres yet another quotes 44,000 acres and it is said to be 31 miles long.  No matter what is accurate, it’s BIG….and beautiful. 

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Lake Martin is now a big-time destination point, no longer just a beautiful  Lake for boating and fishing.  There is something for everyone.   Many full-time residents enjoy the proximity to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery.  A local state park, Wind Creek, is very popular and offers a variety of activities, i.e.,  water sports such as swimming, fishing/boating, camping, and rental cabins, many hiking trails and a zip line that is proving to be very popular. There is also the Fall Festival that many, many people enjoy every year. Lake Martin was designated one of Alabama’s most beautiful Lakes and this honor is well deserved.

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We plan on highlighting some of the local talent and services in upcoming issues.  We have artists in many categories…. and a local organic farmer offers his farm-raised meats for healthy living.  Another artist makes useful and beautiful items out of things people throw away….recycling?

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