Have you noticed all the “mats” floating on Lake Martin?  They aren’t as noticeable as the kayaks or paddle boards because they don’t move around much and stay mostly in one place.  It looks like a lot of fun and, no, I haven’t been on one yet.  I am greatly tempted though.  It’s another way to build memories.  Add this to boating, swimming, horseback riding, music festivals, camping, campfires, skiing, hiking, bird watching, historic sites, gourmet dining and snoozing in the hammock.  What a way to spend your time.  Something for everyone.

I do love their names:  Floating Oasis, Chill Mat, Play Pad, Aqua Lilypad and on and on.  One size apparently fits all and adults play on them, too. So this is one adventure I plan on trying out, and soon.  Have you used a mat on Lake Martin?  Does it have a name?  Which one do you have?  Did you enjoy it?

All these fun things remind me just how important our Lake life is……and not just for the economic impact.  I can’t tell you how many times the phrase “I remember all the fun I had as a youngster when….” comes up in a conversation as I work with new clients.  So many good memories and friendships that made them happy and they want to pass it on to their children and grandchildren.  Fun, wholesome, exciting, challenging and lasting memories….that’s the life you live on Lake Martin.  And don’t forget the fishing…..did you know that more than 30 bass tournaments are held on Lake Martin each year?  Did you know that some colleges and universities offer “fishing” scholarships?  I knew about golf and football but never the one about fishing!  Amazing!

There’s always something new to do on the Lake and in our area.  Lake Martin life is so out of the ordinary and is a destination now for a full vacation and life adventure while building extraordinary memories that last a lifetime.

Experience has taught us to listen and we know how important that is. Let us help you figure it out…..what will work best for you. 
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