This was an interesting article that caught my attention…quickly.

I remember reading of a study that was done at Northwestern University that seemed to indicate the mental and physical health of our children could be impacted, negatively and positively, by their surroundings at home. There was some mention about a child’s IQ even improving. Seems youngsters did better if they lived in an environment that was orderly and well kept. They also did better and appeared to be happier if they had rules and consequences. If they knew what was expected of them, it was less

Now UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) has discovered“ Clutter is a bummer literally” and I have no trouble believing this. All you have to do is watch the embarrassing show on television about “Hoarders.” Need I say more. You can only feel sympathy for these people.

Depression comes in many forms and in many degrees and is caused by many things….but have you considered it might be caused by what possessions we have….not what we don’t have?

Read this article from HouseLogic written by Lisa Kaplan Gordon explaining this in simple terms. It also has links for you to explore solutions that you might find useful. We are all looking for ways to reduce our stress and this looks like good advice.

Experience has taught us to listen and we know how important that is. Let us help you figure it out…..what will work best for you. 
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