Someone is always telling me what I “must have” to make my home sell.

Frankly, they are usually right.  I might not like to admit I can be predictable but the fact is…

we all are to a certain degree.
If you study the 5 must-have amenities in this article, you’ll notice they have a common theme….to help you enjoy your home more.Your home is your haven.  It’s where you can be you.  Chill out.  Recharge.
If you were making a list of important home factors, would you include “luxurious laundry room?”  Think about it.  Would you?

Well, according to the NAHB survey of home builders referenced in the article, luxurious laundry rooms ranked #2 on the list of in-demand amenities that home buyers are looking for.

Laundry rooms can serve more functions than doing the laundry.  Read the article and see if you don’t agree.

And we won’t even go into walk-in closets!