Appraisers absolutely love home features that allow you to enjoy the outside, even if you don’t have a “view.” Buyers love these extras, too, and it gives your home an edge over your competition—-if you have added features to your home that are done well and make it easy to enjoy the backyard, no matter the size.

There are some gorgeous outdoor fire pits and full fireplaces that make the outside more appealing even in the cooler months. Have you seen some of the new outdoor kitchen options? There is something for everyone’s tastes, needs and pocketbook.

Extending your living space to the exterior of you home adds to the overall enjoyment. Being able to relax and entertain in the great outdoors makes every occasion special.

This article from the June issue of REALTOR Magazine gives you helpful advice on how to plan your retreat in just 5 steps.

Many other websites also offer advice and even suggest designs to help you create what appeals to you. Some are high maintenance and others require minimal upkeep.

As for me, I love to get my hands in the “dirt” and watch plants grow into beautiful and fragrant works of art. I have a water feature and a birdbath in a small enclosed garden patio that has provided many hours of relaxation and guests seem to enjoy the surprise of my little hidden treasure.

Making an improvement outside your home will bring you benefits in several ways: exercise, pride of accomplishment, better mental health, beautiful scenery and peace.

It might even help you sell your house.