Let’s look at some current changes in what homeowners may be looking for.  There is always some new “wrinkle” showing up.  We have gone from the “wide open” floor plan to one that will give each of us some downtime to reconnect with our loved ones and enjoy the free time to do whatever we want together as a “family”.  Depending on how formal you want to be, most larger homes will have a living room and a dining room plus a family room/den area.  A more recent word is a “pajama lounge,” where families can comfortably gather without worrying about entertaining non-members. The family is still the core we depend on.  That’s a good thing.

The name alone sounds like a very comfortable room for all.  This is a place to enjoy real life and not worry about keeping it prim and proper, ready for visitors.  Having an alternative space to unwind together…..priceless.  A simpler, more soul-nourishing lifestyle to recreate our human connection is vital.  We no longer can count on family members being together at home even for dinner.

pajama-loungeNow, we need a place, with a cutesy name (pajama lounges) where you can gather literally in PJs or sweats.  It is usually located closer to bedrooms, often upstairs, as an intermediate area for intimate evening hours after dinner and before heading off to sleep.  It is usually totally different from a downstairs living or family room.

Madison, Conn.-based architect Duo Dickinson says it’s important for homes to keep evolving to better reflect how people today want to live. “Homes are just like our clothes.  They need to move, grow, and shrink as we do.” Dickenson sees shifting away from super large bedrooms, too.  Shrinking from the 20 x 20 to a more comfortable 14 x 16.  He adds, however, that closets never shrink!  Another builder suggests that the pajama lounge have some of the best views in the house.  Where it is located is less important than that a bathroom be located nearby.  You might want to consider a minifridge, microwave, sink, and a coffee machine?

Builder Ralph Ramirez, ICH Builders in Coral Gables, Fla., says the lounge can be as small as 10 feet by 10 feet.  They can also serve other functions:  work out area, paying bills and doing homework.

Furnishing the area is a whole new subject with many, many options.  I, personally, see this as a terrific new idea because anything that brings the family closer together has to be a good thing.  Right?

Experience has taught us to listen and we know how important that is. Let us help you figure it out…..what will work best for you. Let our experience and knowledge work for you. Contact us here to help you find or sell your Lake Martin property.