Most of us know about “staging.”  Whether it is an automobile in a showroom, a display at the grocery store or a home that wants to get your attention.  Whether or not we admit that we can be influenced by what we see, smell and hear—in other words by outside sources—it’s true.

Whetherr not we admit that we can be subconsciously influenced by what we see, smell and hear — in other words, by outside sources — it’s true.

When you visit a home, you form opinions by what impacts you, what makes you respond.  Coming into a home with cookies baking in the oven really does get your positive emotions up….the aroma brings back happy times, a good feeling.

The art of staging a home is just that, a real art. It can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price.

OR the wrong way could cost you a sale. 

This article tells us of five props we should not use and, frankly, I never thought of what not to use.  It does make sense when you think about it.  A vegan or vegetarian, or even an animal rights sympathizer, would surely be negative on a home that had mounted animal heads or rugs made out of skins of animals.

It includes some specific examples which might seem extreme or unlikely, but it did get me thinking about other things we might display in our home which might turn off potential buyers.

Here are a couple images that represent potential turn-offs:

Be sure to read some of the comments the public has written about the article, at the bottom of the article.  You can see, there are many different opinions.

As for me, I think if it is neat, clean, in good repair and smells good, that goes a long way to making a good first impression.

Experience has taught us to listen and we know how important that is. Let us help you figure it out…..what will work best for you. 
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